Spanbild offers a diverse range of products, designed to meet the demands of the local environment.

Each building process and material option provides a unique range of engineering properties, from structural strength to lightweight durability. This enables Spanbild customers to select the right product for their needs – from a family home, to a large-scale commercial building.

Our established partnerships also ensure reliability and consistency of supply. From the selection of locally manufactured steel, and renewable and sustainably grown New Zealand timber, to the distribution of products through local franchisees and hardware suppliers, we are proud to invest in the local economies in which we operate.

This commitment to local resources, combined with the experience of quality supply chain partners and the expertise of our own construction and manufacturing teams, ensures we are the leading choice for customers wanting to buy local without compromising quality.

Each building is predominantly manufactured on-site, with steel cladding, roofing and structural component s pre-formed, and timber pre-cut to precise design specifications.